So You Want to Know Something About These People….

So our whole “buy an RV” idea began for us last year pre-pandemic, but it took a worldwide shutdown to get it off the ground. We need really big motivation. We are screwing things up in wholly new and wildly imaginative ways.

Also, right now everything is tragic – and less than honest. So we are going to be chronicling our foibles (with embarrassing honesty) and you can laugh/cry right along with us. You, my friend are going to get an embarrassing amount of information. See how we get conned. Watch us make bad deals. Yeah, we are letting it all out there.

Just like you, we’re figuring it out as we go. We’ll let you know what we find.

Ride with us.

Published by Frances

I’m a lawyer, wife, and mother. This blog is about our family’s screwups. Feel free to share your foibles as I share mine. Keep your nasty comments to yourselves - I don’t need them and I’m just going to delete them and block you.

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