Paradise (and no Dashboard Idiot Lights?)

Success!! Maybe?

So we found a different RV (waiting for child seat part to arrive – but they say it’s coming…). Quick RV Requirements Review. We wanted:

1. Used

2. 24 feet long

3. Diesel fuel

We needed- an RV with a child seat option. HAD to HAVE.

Well, we didn’t get a used RV.

We got “stuck” with a new RV. We like it. We’re happy. Really. But Meatloaf’s song is playing in the back of my head right now. It’s good, really. No really. I keep telling myself this. But the truth is I can see it’s faults – and I just didn’t feel that way with the used Serenity.

So lets talk this through, shall we?

We are buying a 2020 Thor Delano FB. 24ft. Thor Industries owns many RV brands, including Airstream, CrossRoads, Cruiser RV, Dutchmen, Jayco, Starcraft, and …Thor Motor Coach.

So they mass produce RVs. Here it is:

2020 Delano 24ftFB

It’s…tan. My voice rises when I say this. Remember that sleek Grey Serenity. The Thor feels like it’s sort of from from Florida. Serenity? Sleek lines. Looks more hip van than the Thor.

Cabinets. Thor owns a bunch of RV brands and so mass produced builds and Leisure is more shall we say…custom? Thor cabinets (are these plastic laminate?). Thor sells these as “Italian” cabinets. Yeah, well. I’ve been to Rome.

Husband carrying asleep kid through Vatican during tour.
Wish I shot a photo of cabinet interior. They are … not put together as well as Serenity.

Serenity cabinets:

Serenity cabinet quality was great.

Thor Delano – plastic toilet.

Delano plastic toilet.

Serenity – porcelain/ceramic?


Look, I could poke holes at Thor’s Delano FB all day. But we still are (hopefully – child car seat willing) buying it. I didn’t get what I wanted and it makes me sound ungrateful, spoiled, and petulant.

But on the other hand we just spent a bunch of money on something that isn’t exactly what we want. Poor us. Boo hoo. I got it. No one is sympathetic to us – and they shouldn’t be.

What it does have – and I called Thor to confirm AND read the manual – is a child safe seat option. And their staff is super helpful BTW. This is THE most important thing for us – because if it can’t take a kid it’s not useable.

Never mind that you can barely walk to the bathroom when bump out/slide isn’t out.

Or even open fridge?

Compare to Serenity:

Bathroom is back right – no slide outs on this build.

Or that black water setup is crappy/cramped.

Or that over cab bunk is mostly useless and Downright Dangerous for young kid to sleep in. Thankfully, dinette turns into bed for kid.

Queen size Murphy bed over couch for us.

Wall behind couch is actually Murphy bed.

I had wanted a B cap (Serenity) and not a C style over cab bunk (Thor).

Serenity B style cap
Thor Delano C style cap

Look- I think I’m going to be happy with the Delano FB RV we got/are getting. I do. But, it’s like the Meatloaf “Paradise by the Dashboard light” song. I want you, I need you, but I don’t know if I’m ever going to love it. I’m a bit skeptical, but it’s early.

I’ll let you know.

I’m not sad. ‘Cause nothing ever goes as planned. And well, “two out of three ain’t bad?”

Up Next (hopefully): sign, car seat part install, and RV walk through.

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