Yeah, So Surgery Needed for Elderly Dog.

So, we got a new RV (Thor Delano FB) coming. We think? It has a car seat attachment part we can have installed for kid!! We are ecstatic that this might work out after all!

And…our elderly dog (Callie) needs eye surgery.

‘Cause nothing ever goes as planned.

So Callie has a growth that has been growing daily on her eyebrow/eyelid? Eye area? The damn thing keeps getting bigger…fast.

Eye Growth Thing.

Our vet can’t get her in for surgery until Thursday, July 23. They have to put her under (dangerous for elderly dogs) so we are having her teeth and another growth removed at the same time.

And of course it would be excessively stupid (and we try to be only a bit stupid) to leave the next day. So… we are leaving on Saturday, July 25.

We are fortunate that husband’s sister is a veterinarian so if ALL GOES TO HECK on the road…we can call her and get fre…I mean good advice.

Tune in for episode: “On the Road Again…And we Mean it this Time!!!”

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