The Wild Weight Ride: What the Heck are we going to do for food and exercise in RV on the road?

Spring and Summer 2020 are now known in our house as the time of the Covid – 19 lbs of weight. (I jest about Coronavirus because there is nothing amusing about it. If we don’t laugh we’d cry). Thank you (not) quarantine home cafe. My husband is a good cook.

Anyways, my husband and I were, let’s say not at our ideal weight when Covid cut loose. I may have in fact had a co-worker ask if I was expecting (I was not) just before Covid happened. She’s really nice and wasn’t being a bitch. I just gain in the soggy middle. So, yeah, my weight gain already wasn’t exactly pretty pre-Covid.

In picture below we are at correct weights (ballroom dancing competition weight). We are the couple on the right. We’ll call this “Before”.

My BMI at this weight is 21. I’m 5’9” (I like to lie and say 5’10”). In above picture, I’m about 143lbs.

Notice – Normal Weight (21 BMI) is/at at 142 and Overweight at 180 (26 BMI). Sigh.

I’m not going to debate healthy weight. I’m just going to say I feel good at around 143lbs.

And then our weight got even worse. I’m not showing you the now (after). I’m trying to maintain some dignity.

So, in the space of five short months – we put on an extra 20lbs a piece (we were 20 over already up – so now 40 extra lbs). And I can’t fit into my pants or suits. It’s like putting 20lbs of sausage in a 10lb sack. And that is the big (pun intended) problem.

My choices were diet (a vicious four letter word) or buy new suits and up another size of pants. Yeah, no. I’m not buying new suits and I’m not going up another size. I’m not buying new clothes!

All of which has resulted in us dieting. 1200 calories per day dieting and …?uh, exercise. I’m using My Fitness Pal and Health Mate.

Also, diet from hell pictured below (not appearing is coffee creamer – because I’m not a sociopath).

I’m running a mile every other day – my husband runs four miles. Husband says he likes to run. Whatever (Weirdo).

I just hate running. I like to go dancing. I think people who enjoy running don’t know the true pleasure of a perfectly made margarita (Dos Caminos makes the best), chips and guacamole, and a good book in a chair under an umbrella in the DR. Also, you can go dancing salsa and eat chips and salsa – see how this all works?

Dis Caminos – Frozen Perfection

Not to mention the perfect joy of Marion berry pie. But I digress….

In summary, I’m 40lbs heavier than when I started my job. My nice coworkers think I look pregnant. And I can’t fit in my suits.

So I started dieting beginning of June and running. Thank you Road Runner Sports for the insoles. My tired butt (and feet) need all the foot support they can get.

I probably walk faster than I run right now and I can’t run a mile without taking at least 2 breaks. This is after over a month of running mind you….

Look – Drastic times (pandemic weight) call for drastic measures (dieting and running). Ok, really just having to buy new suits is panic/cause enough. I’m even drinking gin and diet tonic water with ginger powder in it to cut the crappy diet taste. Oh, how I long for a ginger gin and tonic at Gramercy Tavern.

I tried light margaritas, but damn. They taste awful. I’ve got to cut it with water to choke it down – and then what’s the point?

We (hopefully) are picking up Thor Delano FB next week. Fingers crossed that child seat part comes in and it works.

Thor Delano FB

So now with us hitting the road we need to figure out what food to pack. We packed too much last time.

We need Real food for kid – rabbit food for us.

And we need to figure out how to exercise on the road. That will likely be the topic of many other posts (but probably none of them happy…).

Yeah. This diet food/exercise thing while traveling in RV with 6 year old is going to suck.

Tune in for episode: Wasting away in Margaritalessville to see what food we packed.

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