Test driving a Portable Washer for RVing.

I’d hate to jinx us…again. But we needed to test some stuff before we (hopefully) pick up the 2020 Thor Delano FB tomorrow.

2020 Thor Delano FB

So we “plan” on getting on the road this Saturday. One of the things we purchased in the wake of the Serenity misadventure (and after reading numerous reviews) was a portable washing machine. We didn’t get what we wanted because it’s out of stock…Covid-19? China trade war? Who knows? Does this sound familiar?

Anyways, what we got was a portable washer/spin dryer from Costway. It is 26” long so we plan on storing it in Delano’s shower as we travel down the road. Hopefully it fits.

Costway Washer/Dryer
Load Running

So it has “challenging/amusing” instructions like “unplug the electrical cord from the outlet to avoid thunderbolt.” Also, “Turn off spin tub and dewatering cover.”

We had purchased:

Hose attachments recommended on review forum.

some hose attachments – none of which worked with machine and outside hose at home. So we filled the sucker with water direct from hose (very cold), Tide Powder, and a few pieces of clothes, set it in the backyard and let ‘er rip.

Important note- The hose drains while it is running. Be warned.

On our first run we had used the 1 load guide on the Tide powder. There was a BUNCH of soap left when it finished so we drained it and put more water in and rinse. Again. And again. We did this three times – way too much soap. It wants you to spin then rinse. But too much soap on our test run.

This sucker definitely takes enough water that I will only be using it at RV parks where we are on shore/power & water. Unless we get better at using it.

Spin cycle …doesn’t fit whole load.

So we tried to fit the whole load in the spin side. The loose plastic top you are supposed to insert went flying over the edge and we almost broke it. So apparently it takes two separate spin cycles before it is ready for rinse with a big load?

The timing mechanism is totally off – their 5 minutes is about a minute.

Anyways, we think this will workout. We’ll report back.

Tomorrow: RV Pickup!

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