Buying an RV Snark: To Make Snide and Sharply Critical Comments.

Buying RV from Large Camping RV Company.

First gratitude. The child safety seat and latch are working fabulously. They (dealer) switched the model they had in stock with a related dealer in one day for the one we needed. They double checked child safety part – and got part for us quick even though this is a seller’s market. Getting a safe RV was the MOST important thing.

Now…the snark.

1. We spent just under $120k on a new 2020 Thor Delano FB. It was not so classy of a buying experience.

Not so Classy of a Buying Experience.

A. You HAVE or really should have the following in order to use RV. And the dealer didn’t provide:

i. sewer hose;

ii. electric plug for house;

iii. Hose for water;

Iv. water regulator attachment;

V. Bio pouches for black tank.

If you go to Amazon, you can buy a starter RV kit for $62.00. The dealer would sell this type of kit to you with your brand new $120k RV – for $399. Gimme a break. We just dropped a small fortune on this RV thing and you can’t cough up for the sewer hose?

2. You need fuel. Obviously. They didn’t give us a full tank of gas (gave it to us with less than 1/2 a tank) and a partial tank of DEF (diesel additive). Would have run them about $58.00 – See close to $120k purchase.

Things dealer also didn’t include – front window screen/curtain. I’m going to have to purchase that separately. No idea re cost.

I’m not kidding. No sewer hose, no water hose, no gas. About $120 on their part would have gone a long way toward making us happier about the $120k on our part. It truly is the little things that grind your gears the most. And getting nickel and dimed over sewer hose? Really?

And FYI, when we bought the used Serenity for 90k from other dealer-We received all of those things.


Last, but not least – when we did the Thor Delano walk through – “how to use your RV” – they (dealer) could not explain the Sprinter electronics (think Siri and Alexa have a baby). Also, they couldn’t explain Winegard WiFi system. Told us to read the manuals. Read the manual? How about a one page quick start guide? Still working on that manual thing….

Next Episode: Here we go again….

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