Here we go again. New Delano RV – breakdowns, idiot lights, and other inconveniences….

We are on the road… again! I know the burning question on your mind is, “but did they have idiot warning lights, sleep in a truck stop their first night, and have breakdowns this time?”

Let me answer all of your questions with:


Fun fact: There is a slot on Mercedes Sprinter where you have to (occasionally? Randomly?) click key fob (not the key) into in order for it to work. It’s really fun trying to figure out where it is in the dark at a rest stop after driving for like 8hrs….

1. Did they have to sleep in a truck stop overnight on their first night again?


We left two hours late on our first day – in part because the refrigerator in our garage broke and we had to empty it into the house fridge so everything wasn’t rotten when we returned! That would have been nasty….So we couldn’t make it to our KOA reservation and slept overnight in a truck stop…again.

And we discovered halfway through first day of trip that fridge in RV wasn’t working (need green light to be on) because we had not turned propane (LP switch) “on” – switch located outside on tank. Oops. Our stupid.

2. Do they have any major broken parts/issues on the new RV?


Water leak (stream of water) pictured below. Water is just pouring out of this thing in a steady stream. Figure with a 30 gallon holding tank…we’ll be empty – soon. No – so huge leak stopped eventually and we still have water in tank so we think (and service guy over phone did as well) that it is likely a tank overflow issue?

Did they have any minor problems? Yes! The bathroom mirror has the weakest magnet on the planet. It flies open even at gentle stops from the weight of the – 2oz paper cups? We are trying to figure out a fix. Also, have had to McGyver loosescreen corners and flapping window shade with 3M Velcro strip things? If you are buying a new (or any) RV – pack adhesive Velcro strips….

3. But have they had to call Good Sam repair service again?

Yes! (Shout our to Russell the service guy!). Called re stream of water gushing out of new RV.

Also, in the minor problem category – the LP gas detector started screeching – we are running LP because fridge. It reset when we hit the button so hopefully no real problem there….

4. Are they headed to dealer service center for repairs?

Maybe? As I mentioned- the water did stop streaming out after some time on the road. The water gauge says full. And water to house/toilet and pump is still working? 5.5 hrs to nearest service center and they (Good Sam and Dealer Service Center) said ok to drive….

Is it only day 3 of them owning yet another RV?


Also: in case you were wondering our elderly golden retriever dog (Callie) is doing rather well following surgery, etc. The first day there was a ton of whining and upsetness. Not second or now morning of third day.

We put a bean bag in stairwell so she wouldn’t fall down the stairs and we have her bed on bath mats, which are on gorilla grippers so she won’t slip.

We also started giving her Thunder Wunders.

Stay tuned! We may ultimately be headed to a service center…5.5 hrs away.

Here goes….

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