RV – Random things we have made, bought, or modified.

The Grand[parent] Tour – Part 3.

We have now been living out of RV for about/over two weeks. Some stuff is still broken. But some things GParents were able to help us make, fix/modify.

We needed interior step cover so elderly dog didn’t fall to her doom while we are driving.

Stairwell on RV house side.

We had been using beanbag chair – that was too big. GParents suggested we make a step. This was a three day build because of stain, polyurethane, glue drying issues. The whole family worked on this one. Looks easy – but….

We had adhesive weatherstripping on sides to prevent minor rattling… that came off. Then the glue didn’t hold. Hope the staples work out….
The Grandad (aka Boppa) with step cover.

It worked PERFECTLY. Looks good. And does not rattle – a nice snug fit.

Step cover next to stairs.
Step cover in place.

Also, we had Callie’s stitches removed while we were here.

Eye stitches out.

Head stitches are out.

Things that haven’t worked out:

First sewer hose.

Length was too short to be easy to use.

First water hose – same problem. Too short.

Needed longer hose.

Banging curtain on sides of house needed weatherstripping:

Added adhesive weatherstripping – hope it stays stuck….

Bought chocks. Not sure if necessary, but….

Boppa made wood pads for jacks:

Jacks have a 9” diameter – pads are 16” sq. And 3/4” plywood.

Mirror magnet didn’t work – new magnet.

Needed additional magnet for when those heavy paper cups tip over? Not even kidding.

The dangerous paper cups push this sucker open when we drive. Hope extra magnets help.

Needed temp curtain (thank you Grandma Kathy) until we can figure out how to purchase permanent one. Why this wasn’t included with a new RV purchase?

Curtain (modified fitted sheet)

And the damn Dinette/bed. It does not lay flat. Cannot be pushed down or cusions changed to go flat. We have tried.

Notice random gap and bump in center.

Sleeping on it was impossible for the kid. Pushing it down wrecked edges of table (this is some cheap POS).

Pushed table down as far as it would go and it wrecked the edges.

So GParents gave us cushion mattress to go over top of table. And we are sticking beanbag in space to fill gap.

No idea who thought this design up. Design and construction for this just sucks.

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