Rushmore View RV Park – Keystone, SD. Truth in Advert.

We are staying at Rushmore View, which is an interesting/quirky tiny RV stop. We are here for four days. The RV office people were absolutely lovely. But it is a SMALL RV park – in fact they say right on their website – “Built in the days when RV’ing was car-camping and compact motorhomes, most sites are short and close together.” No fooling. There was truth in that advertisement.

We are the 5th RV down on the row to the right.
We are WAY close to left side neighbor.

Totally reasonable distance to right side neighbor….

Elderly dog keeping an eye out for that deer….

But…we kind of like it. Walking distance (less than a block) to a laundromat (totally empty of people in am in August). A little convenience store – and this cute little creek thing runs right behind us….

Spot #16 – fits 24’ RVs. Nice and wide – and not too close to #17.
Spot #17 – Probably could fit a 30’? Deer not included….

I was ticked because originally we booked a pull through spot here that I immediately hated (#27). ‘Cause nothing ever goes as planned….

RV Spot Map. Started at green spot and moved across the way.

Once they changed it – I’m perfectly content. Go figure.

Anyways, we like Keystone, SD. You can pretty much walk everywhere in town tourist trap wise.

The boys panned for gold at Big Thunder Gold Mine while I worked at this little,!funky, rinky-dink RV spot.

And it’s minutes to Mount Rushmore from here.

Not the view from RV Park. But there is a view….

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