Not Prepared to Hike the Badlands….

So our 6 year old wanted to hike the badlands in the middle of the day?

As we drove through in our RV he was genuinely upset that we didn’t have the proper gear with us in order to go “adventure” hiking.

I did not expect this.

It was crazy hot.

You probably need/should wear:

1. Sun hats with a brim & upf. You can check out this review –

2. long sleeve sun clothes – something like this.

3. Over ankle hiking boots;

4. Sunglasses;

5. At least 2 quarts of water per person;

6. There is a ton of loose rock/shifting gravel so I would consider a walking stick;

7. Small survival/first aid kit; and

8. Maybe a kerchief.

But that’s just me. we saw people heading out with no water or gear?

And we saw some people returning lobster red… yeah. No thank you.

I mean , you even have to sign a book saying you are heading into the back country. And they warn you about having the right gear and water. (They also warm about rattlesnakes – shudder).

Anyways, we were not prepared (or in shape) for this one.

Maybe next year….

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I’m a lawyer, wife, and mother. This blog is about our family’s screwups. Feel free to share your foibles as I share mine. Keep your nasty comments to yourselves - I don’t need them and I’m just going to delete them and block you.

One thought on “Not Prepared to Hike the Badlands….

  1. It’s rough out there at any time of the year. Very cold and snowy or extremely hot. Very few days are in between. SD is the only place I know where the ground can be wet and sand gets blown into your eyes. At least that was true in Winner, SD. I’m glad you didn’t try to hike in that weather. Maybe try in late Sept or early Oct. sometime when he is a little older.


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