Adjustable Sewer Hose Carrier – This could be a disaster in the making….

So we currently have two sewer hoses for the RV. The small hose fits perfectly in storage area for it in RV.

RV Sewer Hose Storage Atra

We bought a second more sturdy hose on the road while heading south from Sheboygan, Wi to Milwaukee, Wi after we dumped for the first time in northern Wi and decided we needed a bit more length.


Anyways, we bought a 15’ Titan.

We didn’t get it from Amazon – but here it is.

But then we needed someplace to put it, which ended up being a black trash bag. Not the best option. But it didn’t fit in RV carrier area – typical.

So we bought (en route to Devil’s Tower). an adjustable sewer hose carrier.

It came with 0 directions. That’s right – zero. So we watched you tube – not the most helpful. Went to the Vallerra website. Yeah, nothing there either. Do you sense a trend? Yeah, me too….

So we did our best to install this thing. We had no instructions – and no idea if those screws we used (that came with the kit) will actually hold.

Here’s hoping we don’t lose the hose and carrier on the road tomorrow. Think we’ll try to add some zip ties in the morning…just in case.

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One thought on “Adjustable Sewer Hose Carrier – This could be a disaster in the making….

  1. You certainly are having some interesting learning experiences about RV’s on this trip. The next time you travel should be flawless.


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