Eagle RV Park in Thermopolis, WY – Lovely.

So traveled from Devil’s Tower across the Bighorn Mountains to Thermopolis, WY.

We had an idiot light (check engine) en route. ‘Cause Nothing Ever Goes as Planned.

We are on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis. It runs on diesel. We had just taken on diesel at a Cenex in Gillette,WY. We suspected bad gas, but pulled over to read (you guessed it) the manual in the middle of the mountains. Not fun.

Because the light was NOT flashing and lots of websites said a solid check engine often occurs – we continued over the mountains. Dicey choice – but there you go.

When we pulled into Thermpolis we took on new diesel. The light went out about 2 miles later – so probably bad gas as we suspected.

Anyways, we stayed at the lovely Eagle RV Park outside Thermopolis on US 20. Their e-mail for reservations is:eaglervpark@bresnan.net

We are the RV in middle row on the end. (#26)

I have nothing snarky to say. The grounds were lovely. The people were nice. We really enjoyed our stay there.

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