We are back! Some lessons learned….and about that winterizing thing.

So so many lessons learned in RV Season 1.

Last year we packed way too much. Too many clothes. And way too many cooking utensils. You know who doesn’t need measuring cups and spoons in an RV? Me. We cook and eat simply. Lots of plain foods. Plain vegetables. Plain rice. Why I thought I needed to bring a full kitchen setup I do not know.

We brought all the wrong foods. We need fresh fruits and frozen or canned vegetables.

Trying to pack and go quickly did NOT work well with full on coffee machine. I know it’s better for the environment, but we ditched the full coffee machine and got a Keurig Slim. K Cups for when you need to get going.

K Cups.

This time around we are going to try and pre-make and freeze the husband and my breakfast. We now have a mug breakfast down to a very tasty 260 calorie “nukable” science.

Whisk together with fork in tall coffee mug: 1/2 C Egg whites (box version), 1 T maple syrup, 1 T milk, 2T unsweetened apple sauce, 1/4 tsp olive oil, 1/4 tsp apple cider vinegar.

Then Add & mix in dry: 1/4 C plain quick oatmeal, 1/4 C oat flour (throw oatmeal in blender to make flour).

Add 1/4-1/3 C fruit of your choice ( we use blueberries). Microwave until it rises (about 1.5 minutes).

Protein, whole grain, fruit, and sticks with you until lunch.

The kid likes frozen pancakes, life cereal and eggs. This year we’ll bring boxed eggs because packing fresh eggs was just silly.

Also, last season we bought and brought a portable washing machine, which we stored in the RV shower.

We had no trouble finding laundry facilities (other than at boondocks) where we stopped. This season we are ditching the washing machine.

We are only packing one week of clothes this year for any trip. We’ll still pack three pairs of shoes: hiking, tennis, and flops.

We also stupidly did not remove water filter before we winterized water tanks in the RV with antifreeze.

Dumb. So dumb.

The Amazon reviews were not good so we bought three replacement filters from Camping World.

Stay tuned. We’ll be back on the road soon….

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I’m a lawyer, wife, and mother. This blog is about our family’s screwups. Feel free to share your foibles as I share mine. Keep your nasty comments to yourselves - I don’t need them and I’m just going to delete them and block you.

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