Darn it Thor Delano…and new things we are trying for Season 2….

The water busted on our 8-MONTH- old Thor Delano…again. Went to fill it and it auto-emptied. This water system had broke last season and it took Camping World an extra day to fix it. Apparently the fix didn’t last. Don’t know who I’m more irritated with about this. But I am irritated.

Thankfully, thankfully, thankfully we are parking the RV for the week while we visit Crescent City, CA – so we just had to get down to RV Park (about 5.5 hour journey).

New items for this season.

Portable Dishwasher. I hated doing dishes. Hated it. We don’t have much counter space. Dirty dishes, rinse bucket, dry rack – ugh. So we store dishwasher (so it isn’t loose and flying around house while we drive) in pantry. We are going to install shelf in pantry when we return from this trip rather than just piling stuff on dishwasher.

Very Spacious Pantry

When we arrived we set up dishwasher and new coffee machine. So far, the new system is working. Stay tuned.

New Dishwasher and Coffee Machine.

You may recall our short lived clothes washing machine. Hopefully this thing doesn’t turn out like that thing.

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