Ramblin’ Redwoods RV Park, Horseback Riding, and Stinky Sea Lions.

So we headed down to Crescent City, CA for our kid’s spring break. We had a good week and really liked this RV Park. Ramblin’ Redwoods was close to everything we wanted to see and do on vacation.


Dratted Thor Delano

It was a quiet RV park, had many redwoods, and some AMAZINGLY large tree stumps on property. It was also well laid out with a decent amount of privacy.

Guy for size perspective.

They even had a nice playground for the kid. It was just really nice to walk the grounds with the elderly dog, Everyone was very friendly (but not too friendly).

We did a ton of campfire packet cooking like this Andouille sausage , shrimp, potatoes and corn.

We did two different horseback riding trips during our time in California with same company Crescent Trail Rides. https://crescenttrailrides.com. They were solid and easy to book/reserve time.

The first ride was a 1.5 hour beach ride at Tolowa Dunes State Park.

The second ride was a 1.5 hour ride in a Redwood forest to Mill Creek. We thankfully spaced rides days apart because I don’t go horseback riding often (i.e., sore butt).

Seven-year old liked his pony.

I made the mistake of saying my family are experienced riders on the reserve time form, which is true – we are. But in hindsight, I wanted an old fat nag. I didn’t want to “ride.” I wanted to sit there on a horse and check out the view. The horses were well cared for – just lively. Next time I go riding I’m going to pretend I’m new at it so I get a boring horse.

My bad.

Another interesting tidbit. FYI – Sea Lions stink. I did not expect this.

We had a great time seeing them at the wharf (and eating some great salmon and cod). In addition to great food, Chart Room Restaurant had nice outdoor seating and a great view of the stinky seals and seal lions. https://ccchartroom.com/

130 Anchor Way, Crescent City, CA. Closed on Monday & Tuesday.

Good food and location, but darn those Sea Lions stink.

Repairs to Thor Delano needed when we return…as per usual. And of course Camping World can’t get us in for service until May 3 (it’s the end of March).

This trip the Delano had leaky seals, facing that came off/up in bathroom, a broken drawer, and other miscellaneous issues. Figures.

We are going to try to upgrade the water pump (noisy as hell) and change the shower head, which has no pressure and us irritating.

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