Wisconsin Dells – still fun after all these years….

Since we’d been so quick in traveling across the country to avoid the heat – we actually arrived an entire day ahead of schedule in Wisconsin. So we headed to the Wisconsin Dells as a surprise for my son (who alleges he does not like surprises).

We went on the Army Ducks. It was a solid ride. Not exactly what I remember as a kid. We’ll have to try the Original Ducks next time.

Picture from ad.

We then went to the mega water park – Mt. Olympus.

Picture swiped from ad.

The place is fun…but also designed to separate you from your $. There were charges for everything. You couldn’t bring food into the park, etc. We had a nice time getting soaked on a scorching day…but we were soaked in more ways than one. $25.00 for parking? Six Flags charges that. It was a bit gross. But the kid had fun.

We ate dinner at Mexicali-Rose. It overlooks the dam and the outdoor seating is great. We had good service and food.

Something that bothered me though is how many immigrants there were working all over the Dells. And I looked into it. Not because I’m anti-immigrant , but because I was concerned about trafficking, abuses, and living conditions. None of the workers looked happy to be here. None of them. Apparently, they were hired on J-1 visas for seasonal work in the Wisconsin Dells.

I am concerned about potential abuse of those workers. Just a few internet searches revealed numerous scathing articles about what the Dells has historically done to J1s and students from abroad working there. And I’m worried about the loss of rooms and jobs (as well as these “security” checkpoints in the dormitories).

It bothers me. I’m not sure what I can do about it since Wisconsin has such a crappy government, but it may be worth a few calls to the Department of Labor.

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