Not Prepared to Hike the Badlands….

So our 6 year old wanted to hike the badlands in the middle of the day? As we drove through in our RV he was genuinely upset that we didn’t have the proper gear with us in order to go “adventure” hiking. I did not expect this. It was crazy hot. You probably need/should wear:Continue reading “Not Prepared to Hike the Badlands….”

Helicopter Tour of Mt. Rushmore – Keystone, SD

Worth the money. It is about a 15 minute walk from Rushmore View RV Park to Black Hills Aerial Adventures. We paid for the Mt. Rushmore Tour ($109/person) and about 15 minutes long. I had taken this helicopter tour (not sure if it was same company?) when I was a kid 35ish years ago? GladContinue reading “Helicopter Tour of Mt. Rushmore – Keystone, SD”

Rushmore View RV Park – Keystone, SD. Truth in Advert.

We are staying at Rushmore View, which is an interesting/quirky tiny RV stop. We are here for four days. The RV office people were absolutely lovely. But it is a SMALL RV park – in fact they say right on their website – “Built in the days when RV’ing was car-camping and compact motorhomes, mostContinue reading “Rushmore View RV Park – Keystone, SD. Truth in Advert.”

Temperature Tools for Inside RV

Also called listen to your mother…. So mom told me that power outs at RV places are typical. She was right. This is our third real RV camp stop …and we lost power. We had bought a Temp Stick. This sucker is easy to use and alerts your phone via app if temp in RVContinue reading “Temperature Tools for Inside RV”

Boondocks we love! Coffee Cup Fuel Stop – Hartford, SD.

I need to get this Blog organized. Truly. But I’m going to start posting about boondock stops we love. We had pulled into Love’s Truck Stop…and pulled right the hell back out because it was FULL of the Sturgis/Covid Rat (aka Soon to be Donor Bikes) Crowd. Don’t post here re anti-motorcycle stuff. My husband,Continue reading “Boondocks we love! Coffee Cup Fuel Stop – Hartford, SD.”

Visiting Friends for a wild time. Best water balloons and disposable straws ever.

So we made a “friend stop” in Illinois. First, it pays to have awesome friends. Gratitude. Second, this post should be sub-titled “excellent product discoveries via other more experienced moms…”. So we were introduced to some truly awesome, easy to load, water balloons. They load about 40 – 60 or so at once off ofContinue reading “Visiting Friends for a wild time. Best water balloons and disposable straws ever.”

RV – Random things we have made, bought, or modified.

The Grand[parent] Tour – Part 3. We have now been living out of RV for about/over two weeks. Some stuff is still broken. But some things GParents were able to help us make, fix/modify. We needed interior step cover so elderly dog didn’t fall to her doom while we are driving. We had been usingContinue reading “RV – Random things we have made, bought, or modified.”

One helluva Grand Cupcake- Triple Chocolate Nutella.

So we are supposed to be dieting. We are also visiting the grandparents in new RV-Thor Delano FB. So. Yeah. That dieting thing is working out just about as well as you’d expect. And then Grandma Marianne dropped this bombshell of a cupcake on us during our visit. Triple Chocolate Nutella Cupcakes. Incredible. They shouldContinue reading “One helluva Grand Cupcake- Triple Chocolate Nutella.”

Berkeley 3” Shad on jig is Best Fishing Bait … EVER.

Our whole family loves to fish. It’s kind of our thing. So while we were staying up in Tomahawk, Wisconsin visiting the Grandparents as part of the RV Grand Tour” we were introduced to Berkeley 3” Shad bait by Grandpa Ken. The boys caught 3 different types of fish on a jig on two differentContinue reading “Berkeley 3” Shad on jig is Best Fishing Bait … EVER.”

We Made it to Wisconsin! No Snark here.

Ah, the great northern land of Mosquitoes as big as a baby’s fist. Once the sun sets (and after s’mores by the fire) you better get inside quick like! My husband and I were born and raised in Wisconsin. We don’t go back much – ‘cause it’s freeze your ass off cold in winter andContinue reading “We Made it to Wisconsin! No Snark here.”