Dog surgery went well and we have child safe RV!

It’s been a long day. First, our dog’s surgery went well. Growths were removed (as was an unknown broken tooth). We also picked up the Thor Delano RV. The dealer was able to install latch system child seat part! I’ll write more about dealer experience tomorrow. It has been a LONG day.

Test driving a Portable Washer for RVing.

I’d hate to jinx us…again. But we needed to test some stuff before we (hopefully) pick up the 2020 Thor Delano FB tomorrow. So we “plan” on getting on the road this Saturday. One of the things we purchased in the wake of the Serenity misadventure (and after reading numerous reviews) was a portable washingContinue reading “Test driving a Portable Washer for RVing.”

The Wild Weight Ride: What the Heck are we going to do for food and exercise in RV on the road?

Spring and Summer 2020 are now known in our house as the time of the Covid – 19 lbs of weight. (I jest about Coronavirus because there is nothing amusing about it. If we don’t laugh we’d cry). Thank you (not) quarantine home cafe. My husband is a good cook. Anyways, my husband and IContinue reading “The Wild Weight Ride: What the Heck are we going to do for food and exercise in RV on the road?”

Yeah, So Surgery Needed for Elderly Dog.

So, we got a new RV (Thor Delano FB) coming. We think? It has a car seat attachment part we can have installed for kid!! We are ecstatic that this might work out after all! And…our elderly dog (Callie) needs eye surgery. ‘Cause nothing ever goes as planned. So Callie has a growth that hasContinue reading “Yeah, So Surgery Needed for Elderly Dog.”

Paradise (and no Dashboard Idiot Lights?)

Success!! Maybe? So we found a different RV (waiting for child seat part to arrive – but they say it’s coming…). Quick RV Requirements Review. We wanted: 1. Used 2. 24 feet long 3. Diesel fuel We needed- an RV with a child seat option. HAD to HAVE. Well, we didn’t get a used RV.Continue reading “Paradise (and no Dashboard Idiot Lights?)”

Return of the RV

Nothing good lasts forever…but 3 hours? That’s like waiting in line for a Disney ride only to get to the front of the line and have it break. Not that we’ve had that happen or anything. Ok, we did. So, when we left off we had purchased a lemon RV that broke down three hoursContinue reading “Return of the RV”

Because nothing ever goes as planned….

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? So this pandemic, Covid-19, Coronavirus thing…drove us to purchase an RV… that totally didn’t work out. June 2020. We have a kindergartner/six year old. No school. No camps. And a long summer stretching out before us. The future….It doesn’t look pretty. So we start researching about buying aContinue reading “Because nothing ever goes as planned….”

So You Want to Know Something About These People….

So our whole “buy an RV” idea began for us last year pre-pandemic, but it took a worldwide shutdown to get it off the ground. We need really big motivation. We are screwing things up in wholly new and wildly imaginative ways. Also, right now everything is tragic – and less than honest. So weContinue reading “So You Want to Know Something About These People….”