The Grand[parent] Tour 2021 : First Stop Tomahawk, Wi.

My husband’s dad has a house on a lake in Tomahawk. We spent a week there tubing, waterskiing (teaching kid to waterski), fishing, swimming, building fires and eating s’mores, etc. I’m sure I put on a bunch of weight. Our nephew is an MIT grad so he did some fun experiments with the kid. HeetContinue reading “The Grand[parent] Tour 2021 : First Stop Tomahawk, Wi.”

Wisconsin Dells – still fun after all these years….

Since we’d been so quick in traveling across the country to avoid the heat – we actually arrived an entire day ahead of schedule in Wisconsin. So we headed to the Wisconsin Dells as a surprise for my son (who alleges he does not like surprises). We went on the Army Ducks. It was aContinue reading “Wisconsin Dells – still fun after all these years….”

Towing a FIAT Behind Class C RV was EASY.

During Season 1 (Summer 2020) we were frustrated with having to hook up and unhook the RV (water, electric, sewer hose) to do sightseeing. For example, in Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore and the Badlands (see earlier Season 1 posts) we ran into roads we couldn’t take RV on or parking a 24’ RV was an issue.Continue reading “Towing a FIAT Behind Class C RV was EASY.”

Ramblin’ Redwoods RV Park, Horseback Riding, and Stinky Sea Lions.

So we headed down to Crescent City, CA for our kid’s spring break. We had a good week and really liked this RV Park. Ramblin’ Redwoods was close to everything we wanted to see and do on vacation. Homepage It was a quiet RV park, had many redwoods, and some AMAZINGLY large tree stumps onContinue reading “Ramblin’ Redwoods RV Park, Horseback Riding, and Stinky Sea Lions.”

Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center, MT

What an awesome rescue center. So the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center is more of a rescue center for animals who can’t live in the wild than like a zoo. They take raptors that have been hit by cars and can’t fly. They had an otter exhibit. The Grizzly Bear and Wolf exhibits were marvelous.Continue reading “Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center, MT”

Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon – Amazing.

Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon was (so far) my favorite part of the Park. We stayed in Grant Village. I wish we had stayed in the Canyon area. The small spawn followed up his 11 mile geyser hike with a 6 mile Saturday hike in Canyon section of Yellowstone. Saw one of the Falls on hike, butContinue reading “Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon – Amazing.”

Dubois/Wind River, WY KOA is OK, but the nearest steakhouse…divine.

The Dubois KOA had a playground for the kid and laundry. It was fine. I wonder if I’m getting jaded? I will say that we bought our 3rd Sewer hose there. Strangely 3 seems to be the perfect amount. However, can I just tell you about the The Long Buffalo Steakhouse. Holy $&@) is thatContinue reading “Dubois/Wind River, WY KOA is OK, but the nearest steakhouse…divine.”

Old Faithful, Geysers, Bison, and NO WiFi.

Let me say I was not expecting anything that happened at Yellowstone National Park. I loved things I didn’t expect and felt somewhat meh about some of the things I actually went there to see. Let’s start with BAD. We had no WiFi on a workday for me. This was not good. I had toContinue reading “Old Faithful, Geysers, Bison, and NO WiFi.”

Wyoming Dinosaur Center – Thermopolis, Wy

This was worth the money and the time if you love fossils and dinosaurs. It’s small, but really neat. Short. Good for kids. I’ve been to many, many, many world class museums. Not kidding. They have a ton of marble and are fancy. London’s Natural History Museum. Been there. Paris’ Jardin des Plantes & Pantheon?Continue reading “Wyoming Dinosaur Center – Thermopolis, Wy”

Eagle RV Park in Thermopolis, WY – Lovely.

So traveled from Devil’s Tower across the Bighorn Mountains to Thermopolis, WY. We had an idiot light (check engine) en route. ‘Cause Nothing Ever Goes as Planned. We are on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis. It runs on diesel. We had just taken on diesel at a Cenex in Gillette,WY. We suspected bad gas, but pulledContinue reading “Eagle RV Park in Thermopolis, WY – Lovely.”