The Grand[parent] Tour 2021 : First Stop Tomahawk, Wi.

My husband’s dad has a house on a lake in Tomahawk. We spent a week there tubing, waterskiing (teaching kid to waterski), fishing, swimming, building fires and eating s’mores, etc. I’m sure I put on a bunch of weight. Our nephew is an MIT grad so he did some fun experiments with the kid. HeetContinue reading “The Grand[parent] Tour 2021 : First Stop Tomahawk, Wi.”

One helluva Grand Cupcake- Triple Chocolate Nutella.

So we are supposed to be dieting. We are also visiting the grandparents in new RV-Thor Delano FB. So. Yeah. That dieting thing is working out just about as well as you’d expect. And then Grandma Marianne dropped this bombshell of a cupcake on us during our visit. Triple Chocolate Nutella Cupcakes. Incredible. They shouldContinue reading “One helluva Grand Cupcake- Triple Chocolate Nutella.”