The Grand[parent] Tour 2021 : First Stop Tomahawk, Wi.

My husband’s dad has a house on a lake in Tomahawk. We spent a week there tubing, waterskiing (teaching kid to waterski), fishing, swimming, building fires and eating s’mores, etc. I’m sure I put on a bunch of weight. Our nephew is an MIT grad so he did some fun experiments with the kid. HeetContinue reading “The Grand[parent] Tour 2021 : First Stop Tomahawk, Wi.”

Wisconsin Dells – still fun after all these years….

Since we’d been so quick in traveling across the country to avoid the heat – we actually arrived an entire day ahead of schedule in Wisconsin. So we headed to the Wisconsin Dells as a surprise for my son (who alleges he does not like surprises). We went on the Army Ducks. It was aContinue reading “Wisconsin Dells – still fun after all these years….”

One helluva Grand Cupcake- Triple Chocolate Nutella.

So we are supposed to be dieting. We are also visiting the grandparents in new RV-Thor Delano FB. So. Yeah. That dieting thing is working out just about as well as you’d expect. And then Grandma Marianne dropped this bombshell of a cupcake on us during our visit. Triple Chocolate Nutella Cupcakes. Incredible. They shouldContinue reading “One helluva Grand Cupcake- Triple Chocolate Nutella.”

Berkeley 3” Shad on jig is Best Fishing Bait … EVER.

Our whole family loves to fish. It’s kind of our thing. So while we were staying up in Tomahawk, Wisconsin visiting the Grandparents as part of the RV Grand Tour” we were introduced to Berkeley 3” Shad bait by Grandpa Ken. The boys caught 3 different types of fish on a jig on two differentContinue reading “Berkeley 3” Shad on jig is Best Fishing Bait … EVER.”

We Made it to Wisconsin! No Snark here.

Ah, the great northern land of Mosquitoes as big as a baby’s fist. Once the sun sets (and after s’mores by the fire) you better get inside quick like! My husband and I were born and raised in Wisconsin. We don’t go back much – ‘cause it’s freeze your ass off cold in winter andContinue reading “We Made it to Wisconsin! No Snark here.”