Old Faithful, Geysers, Bison, and NO WiFi.

Let me say I was not expecting anything that happened at Yellowstone National Park. I loved things I didn’t expect and felt somewhat meh about some of the things I actually went there to see.

Let’s start with BAD. We had no WiFi on a workday for me. This was not good. I had to handle meetings by cell rather than Skype. I also had really poor connectivity. I have a Verizon AND an AT&T hotspot. This was NOT supposed to happen.

I was NOT happy. Gray areas below are the “alleged” WiFi areas. I was in one. Cell service throughout Yellowstone pretty much sucks.

The good – Old Faithful. Everyone makes such a big deal about it. I honestly thought all of the other geysers we saw on a long hike past it were more interesting. Old Faithful is huge. Don’t get me wrong, seeing it shoot up – cool.

Small spawn is pictured dead center with husband. He is sitting on ground looking away. So, there’s that.

I just enjoyed the quiet morning walk with the family around the geysers more. And there were a TON of geysers and pools to see. I don’t know why nobody mentions the great hike along the geysers? They are even bike trail/wheelchair accessible?

Old Faithful Shooting up in the Distance.

But DO Pay the $1.00 for the guides in Yellowstone.

They are worth it.

Cliff Geyser (below) was probably my favorite.

Black Sand Basin. Really liked this short little walk.

Amazingly, the small spawn did 11 miles of hiking on Friday. You read that right. The 6 year old did eleven miles of hiking. He then ran around the coin laundry area high on Gatorade sugar. This kid sure likes his “hiking adventures.” We are kind of pudgy and middle aged- the kid is just running us ragged.

He did the Biscuit Basin Loop (5.2 miles) AFTER our morning hikes.

And the boys saw a male Bison up close and personal.

Male Bison on walk to Biscuit Basin.

It was quite a day.

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