Devil’s Tower Early AM Hike – With Whiny Kid

The Devil’s Tower hikes in the early am are really awesome. As long as your 6 year old isn’t whiny. Also avoids 94 degree August afternoon weather….

Slightly Crumpled Map from Visitor Center

We are staying at the Devil’s Tower KOA. It conveniently located RIGHT outside the gates to the National park.

Blue dot is us parked in KOA.

So we took our RV up to top of Devil’s Tower park at about 8am and there were really only climbers getting ready in main parking lot. There were very few people around for our hikes. Lower section was similarly empty.

Unfortunately, the visitor center up top was closed (Covid – Ranger shows up outside at 9am) so we couldn’t get National Park Sticker, but we did get cancellation stamp for kid.

Stamp – but no sticker.

We started on the 1.3 mile tower trail and the 6 year old incessantly whined about wanting to climb the boulders and the tower. Incessantly.

View at about halfway point.

Honestly, I just wanted a nice walk on the trail.

And enjoy the views (which were really awesome) in peace and quiet. Doesn’t everyone (but 6 year old) want a quiet walk?

Finally, my husband just went bouldering with the kid just get him to stop whining at us. Ugh.

We have now promised kid climbing lessons when we get home.

Honestly, we need to get back into shape too. But oh the whining this morning….Staying on the path/trail apparently was THE worst thing we have ever asked him to do….

Of course the deer and her fawns didn’t seem to be very interested or impressed by our presence or kid nattering.

After doing the Tower Trail hike we headed down to do Prairie Dog Town. The Valley View Trail was only .6 miles. It wasn’t that cool of a hike. But I did enjoy the sculpture,

reading the Native American legend about white buffalo calf woman, and the views….

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